Summer Passport Update 2

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Summer Passport Update 2

Jun 26, 2019 | Lounge

It’s a daily fight for 1st right now! Currently Alex is in 1st with 24 stamps and Cameron is close on his heels with 22.

FLGS Matt’s Calvacade of Comics!

The first Hidden Gem to be found was the Road Art!

Congrats to Aranea and Cameron who were the first to find this next Hidden Gem. It almost killed me getting to it too!

Oooooooh more finding this Hidden Gem!

HINT FOR A HIDDEN GEM: The one with the tree is NOT at Chip Ross nor Fitton Green. Sorry Mario, but our princess is in another castle. So far no one has discovered this one.

Also, it is not Bald Hill. Keep looking!

Oh! Oh! We have our first Hidden-Gem-Tree-Finders! Does this photo help?

Another FLGS, Funagain Games. David and I frequented every time we went down to Eugene. These guys were awesome giving us tips on how to navigate the OLCC. Go check them out and get some stamps!

First Passport Roll-Off! Congrats to Becca for coming in first.