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Play as trolls rebuilding your abandoned kingdom under the mountain in In the Hall of the Mountain King. With muscle and magic, you'll unearth riches, dig out collapsed tunnels, and carve out great halls as you raise the toppled statues of your ancestors to their places of honor at the heart of the mountain. Gameplay is driven by the innovative cascading production system. Timing and tactics are key as you work to restore your home to its former glory and win the crown!

In the Kickstarter Edition, deluxe components replace the standard components found in the retail version as follows:

- 35 custom metal coins (versus 35 cardboard coins)
- 20 plastic hammers (versus 20 wooden hammers)
- 45 plastic carts (versus 45 wooden carts)
- 35 gray custom wooden stone pieces (versus 35 gray wooden cubes)
- 35 black custom wooden iron pieces (versus 35 black wooden cubes)
- 30 red custom wooden heartstone pieces(versus 30 red wooden cubes)
- 25 "shimmering" plastic runes (versus 25 standard plastic runes)
- 7 blue plastic "ice" statues (versus 7 blue wooden statues)
- 7 white plastic "horned" statues (versus 7 white wooden statues)
- 7 orange plastic "fire" statues (versus 7 orange wooden statues)
- 18 plastic pedestals, 6 each in blue, white, & orange(versus 18 wooden pedestals, 6 each in 3 colors)
- 5 custom wooden troll-shaped markers (versus 5 round wooden scoring markers)
- 1 King's Crown miniature start player marker (versus carboard King's Crown start player marker)

ALSO included in the Deluxe Edition is the custom gametrayz storage system


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